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Founder & Transfer visionary

“How effective are my training programs?”

“How can I increase their effectiveness?”

“Does what I am doing even make sense?”


That is what everyone involved with training will ask themselves sooner or later.


These questions of meaning and effectiveness would not leave me alone. I wanted profound answers, practicable solutions, a point of contact and exchange with like-minded people. And that is exactly what you will find at the Institute of Transfer Effectiveness.


Brings transfer people together

The Institute for Transfer Effectiveness brings together the thinkers, the doers and the critical minds of HR research and HR practice. The demand, the goal and the passion for making effective training possible – for the individual and the organization – these are what unite us.

Bridges between research and practice

We research and fine-tune the factors influencing  transfer effectiveness, develop scientifically sound tools and test them in the field. We combine research findings with pragmatism, experience and creativity. That´s how we create compatible hands-on tools and useful best-practice solutions that are based on profound insights.

Your partner for effective training

If transfer effectiveness is your personal requirement, then we are the right partner for you. Whether it´s about profound information, quick replies, certifications and workshops, support for specific challenges or exchange on a one-to-one basis – we are the right partner for your success in transfer.

Certified Transfer Designer 2017/18

"It is unbelievable what becomes possible when research, practice and passion come together.
The sprit that has evolved within the transfer community is unique, thanks to these inspiring people.
YES! We can make transfer happen."


is a scientist, author, keynote speaker, university lecturer and consultant. She is the developer of the Levers of Transfer Effectiveness. At the Institute of Transfer Effectiveness, she she works relentlessly to make scientific findings applicable in practice.

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