12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness


Become an expert of transfer success

How much of the training content transfers into practice?

What are the levers to increase the transfer rate?

How can I evaluate the effectiveness of a training?

How do I develop transfer concepts that really work?

How do I win the executives to consistently back transfer?


Which tools and interventions increase transfer success??

What experiences do other companies have with the topic of transfer?

How do I implement transfer design in my project?

How can I systematically manage transfer success ?



As a Certified Transfer Designer, you apply the transfer effectiveness levers in practice.


With these scientifically proven, manageable factors, you develop customized transfer concepts.


You become part of the transfer community and benefit from the best tools and the latest practical knowledge.

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Becoming an expert for transfer effectiveness

As an HRD professional, L&D consultant, training designer or trainer, you know the obstacles of training transfer from your own experience, and you want to do something about it. You want to take the training in your company and your industry to a new level. You want effectiveness to be your USP and seek access to the exclusive transfer community of people who think and act like you.

Achieve all of this with a Transfer Designer Certification.


After only 3 months our graduates see results, e.g. in the following areas:

Transfer effectiveness of my training programs has increased

Client satisfaction has increased

I perceive my work as more meaningful and valuable


After this program,

you can say...

  • I am aware of the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness® and I know how to control transfer success

  • I am familiar with various tools and interventions to promote transfer effectiveness

  • I have developed specific tools and interventions to increase the effectiveness of my training programs

  • I have a transfer concept ready for a real development program at my company (my real case)


This is what our graduates say

The investment was worthwhile for me personally

The investment has paid off for my company

I recommend this program


Phase 1 - Transfer Practitioner

As a Transfer Practitioner, you are familiar with the 12 Lever Methodology and have a variety of transfer tools that can enhance the effectiveness of your training programs.

Phase 2 - Transfer Insider

As a Transfer Insider, you know exactly what is important about each transfer lever and how to operate and control it. It allows you to (further) develop transfer tools and measures that are tailored to the specifics of companies, training topics, and target groups.

Phase 3 - Transfer Designer

As a Transfer Designer, you will develop systematically connectable and scientifically sound transfer concepts for any training (program) that serves all 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness. You have proven this with your certification project (a real case from your company).

*The program fee includes all 3 phases

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Become an expert for transfer success



9 weeks +

3 months of transfer support

Time commitment


2-day workshop OR
4 Live Online Sessions á 2,5 hours

+ 2 hours per week self-study



English or 



What you can achieve with this program

  • Your training (programs) achieve lasting impact because you design and implement customized and research-based transfer concepts.

  • You use the Levers of Transfer Effectiveness to develop transfer tools and interventions that are compatible and tailored to the company and the participants.

  • Through the transfer effectiveness of your training, you can verifiably increase the value and impact of your training programs.




The levers are impressively practical and scream to be implemented, so that the energy invested by participants, concept developers and trainers does not fizzle out, but brings business success, personal meaning and confirmation.



Anyone who has serious intentions of creating impact cannot ignore the 12 levers. I do not know of a toolbox that offers a wider range of ways to improve the effectiveness of training.



Science, benefits, practicability, energy. The 12 levers provide a concept that is scientifically sound and easy to implement in staff development. Ina Weinbauer is passionate about her subject and her transfer energy is highly contagious!


HRD professionals

  • HR managers

  • HR developers

  • L&D consultants

  • Training designers

  • Trainers


who believe that transfer effectiveness is not only a catchword but a lived aspiration


Program fee: € 2.190, -

Bring a colleague: -30% (what is this?)

plus VAT.


Your transfer success is our goal.

Therefore, the fee also includes...

  • the book "What makes training really work"​ by Dr.Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

  • the haptic Transfer Toolbox with more than 50 Best-Practice Transfer Tool Ideas, the 12 Lever Card set and much more

  • one to one transfer sparring conversation with Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel or your Transfer Enabler

  • individual support and advice for the development of your training transfer concept and

  • the certification as Transfer Designer incl. your personal certification interview


Academic program lead

"​They exist, experienced HR professionals who believe that transfer effectiveness is not only a catchword, but a successfully lived aspiration for professional development.

I enjoy bringing these professionals together in this program and working on the issue of transfer with the help of the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness.

Applying well-founded research pragmatically and expand it with the expertise and passion of the participants,  that’s what makes this program so exciting.

The transfer concepts of the graduates are impressive and show: Transfer success is manageable."








April / May 2022

With 4 Live Online Sessions

3h - (Vienna Time)

- 26.04.2022 - 09:00am - 12:00

- 27.04.2022 - 09:00am - 12:00

- 04.05.2022 - 09:00am - 12:00

- 11.05.2022 - 09:00am - 12:00

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Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

Masha Ibeschitz

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September / October 2022

With 4 Live Online Sessions

3h - (Vienna Time)

- 06.09.2022 - 09:00am - 12:00

- 07.09.2022 - 09:00am - 12:00

- 13.09.2022 - 09:00am - 12:00

- 27.09.2022 - 09:00am- 12:00

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Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

Masha Ibeschitz

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October / November 2022

With 4 Live Online Sessions

3h - (Vienna Time)

- 20.10.2022 - 09:00am - 12:00

- 21.10.2022 - 09:00am - 12:00

- 27.10.2022 - 09:00am - 12:00

- 09.11.2022 - 09:00am - 12:00

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Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

Masha Ibeschitz

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Inhouse (company internal)


english/ german

Choose your date and location

With Face-to-Face Workshop

- 2 days of Face-to-Face Workshop

- or 4 Live Online Sesions

- € 12.200,- (max. 12 participants)

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Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel


recommend this program to their colleagues

Finally, a sound model and many tools for more effectiveness

The training as 'Transfer Designer' fully lived up to my expectations. Finally, I have a holistic science-based model and appropriate methods to control the effectiveness of our training programs. The ideas for your own practice case generated during the seminar make what you have learned directly applicable, and the network with the other participants as well as the digital 'Toolbox' give access to new ideas and an active exchange of experiences.
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

Shared spirit and passion for transfer sparked

The levers are impressively practical and scream to be implemented. A tangible way, so that the energy invested by participants, training design developers and trainers does not fizzle out, but brings business success, personal meaning, and confirmation.
(Julia Furchner, AUDI AG)

A light has come on

The program was exactly what I was looking for. 'A light has come on’ :-).
My goal is to make our internal seminar series more sustainable. In this program, you get so much good input that I'm sure to develop a sustainable and exciting series of seminars that will hopefully leave a lasting impression on our participants.
A big thank you for a great time.
(Nicole Schäfer, Autostadt)

A real highlight on the flooded training market

As a transfer specialist, I'm always on the lookout for approaches, models, and tools that effectively build the bridge between complexity and clarity. Ina's system of 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness and the Transfer Designer Certification is a real highlight on the flooded training market. This training keeps its promises and shows lasting changes in my projects. Ina is just so enthusiastic about her topic and managed to infect us as a group from the first moment. I fully recommend this and look forward to further exchanges in the network!
(Sonja Peters, transfer agents munich)

Shows where the horsepower of implementation is or gets lost

As a long-time training facilitator, I am very happy to now have a structure and a method that focuses on all relevant parts of the transfer of training. With the levers and the associated ways to evaluate these, it shows where the horsepower of implementation is or gets lost. "Nice" training without looking at before and after is often only half the battle. The levers, my preparation, the questions during the training and Ina’s way to facilitate - all this has given me the focus which definitely brings greater transfer benefit for my trainees.
(Martin Sattlberger, Fokus7)

One of the best online courses I have taken - a model for online instructors

As a training and development professional, I have struggled with making my courses useful for my students, especially in helping students retain the knowledge to make the behavior change to succeed in their jobs. When I saw the information for the Institute for Transfer Effectiveness certificate program, I immediately signed up. 
The training was fun and interactive, while the twelve levers of transfer effectiveness is a simple but powerful model for designing courses. After the first class, I used the tools from the class that morning to redesign a course in critical thinking. The Transfer Effectiveness is one of the best online courses I have taken and should be a model for other online instructors. And the big orange box of transfer tools is a great bonus!"
(Dr. Bill Brantley, Senior Training Specialist at the U.S. Navy)

Learning by Doing

The ease of the programme convinced me and I have rarely had so much success in "learning by doing". I also found the scientific background of the effectiveness of one or the other lever very exciting. With the help of the Transfer Designer Certification, transfer can be realised in every training, with more or less effort depending on the requirements. The special thing about the programme is the consistent practical application of the theoretical content during the training. I would recommend the training to everyone - even to people without any didactic background.
(Cornelia Kautt, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology)

A Must-Have!

Transfer effectiveness should be more than just an unfulfilled aspiration. If you want to be economically responsible in the continuing education business, it is a must-have. The training to become a transfer designer provides a practical solution for this, to get to the crucial point, to illustrate the essential levers for effective training and to justify the whole thing with well-founded evidence. You can start immediately, depending on your background, context and personal goals. The training programme itself is exemplary in its kind for the topic of transfer effectiveness and is unreservedly recommended. And the most important thing - it's even fun!
(Steffen Niemann, Federal Employment Agency)

First class! With ease and in-depth expertise

Extremely meaningful and valuable program. Experience first-class transfer design, open it up for yourself, start and use it yourself, and at the same time with fluid ease and professional depth. The special thing: Transfer design with this program is much more than a simple training design concept. It changes the view and magically draws it to the core question of real effectiveness of training, measures, educational services. How can I visibly and tangibly increase effectiveness and thus achieve more for people and organisations? Every minute dedicated to this program is time well spent!
(Stephanie Kolhosser, Sparkassenakademie NRW)

Inspiring, exciting and above all: effective

Ina's enthusiasm for the transfer topic is infectious, and the scientific foundation is convincing! Small tools for everyday use can be implemented quickly, easily and inexpensively, so that everyone can make a small contribution to effectiveness and transfer in their environment. The applicability of the contents is absolutely given - even in areas one had not thought of at all (team meetings, private sphere etc.).
Thank you for a stimulating, exciting, and above all EFFECTIVE seminar!
(Julia Rath, Schachermayer)

Raises training to a new level

The levers are wonderfully practical and offer a wealth of ideas for implementation. With the help of the program it is possible to raise trainings and seminars to a new level. By focusing on business impact, the concept provides the legitimacy for PE measures that it needs. The program is a must for anyone who wants to design transfer effectiveness and innovative training programs.
(Mareike Toporowski, Sparkassenakademie NRW)

Amazing Energy!

What an amazig energy from you Ina. The suppleness to deal with questions and objections. Always positive and forward-looking. Thank you!
(Markus Püttmann, Impulsraum)

The transfer energy is highly contagious

Science, benefits, practicability, energy. The 12 levers provide a concept that is scientifically sound and easy to implement in staff development. Ina Weinbauer is passionate about her subject and her transfer energy is highly contagious!
(Anja Priewasser, Silhouette International)

It is fun and ignited a spark

My biggest thanks go to Ina Weinbauer-Heidel. Your appreciative interaction with us, your humour and your ability to introduce us to transfer effectiveness. It was plain fun.
I was thrilled by the spirit that accompanied us every day.
Thanks for the really helpful documents and the spark that lit the flame for transfer effectiveness.
(Reinhard Lanner, Audi AG)

Anyone who is not in a good mood after this, wasn’t there

This programme refreshingly shows that nothing needs to be reinvented to change something.
It shows just how much small things can change if you get engaged.
And it even uncovers opportunities that help to get involved.
And all this presented in an amusing and humorous way.
If you are not in a good mood at the end of the programme and don't feel like changing something - you weren't really there!
(Petra Göppert, Audi AG)

A scientific topic brought to an applicable level

Ina is passionate about her topic and infects others with the topic of transfer. Through this training, every trainer can make their concepts and training more effective and promote even more implementation in their participants' everyday life. In this programme a big scientific topic is brought to an applicable level. Read Ina's book, attend this programme and then, just do it!
(Christian Möller, Audi AG)

The essence of transfer on a silver platter

The programme is for all those involved in the conception of learning environments. It makes the intangible tangible and applicable. The programme presents the essence of transfer on a silver platter and leads all participants away from "I'll try something, let's see if it works" to "I know what influences learning success, I know how I can influence it and I know where exactly this influence is needed".
(Insa Bäumker, Bildungsinnovator)

The linchpins of effective training

The 12 Lever Training is the program to get excellent insights on transfer and evaluation. The focus is clearly on what works, theoretically sound and immediately practical. With the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness and the Kirkpatrick model, I now have a proven thought and analysis model to make sure things work that way. It considers all relevant stakeholders - the management, the executives, the participants, the trainers, and the HR - and supports them in succeeding.
(Robert Stangl, Public Employment Service Austria)

An eye-opener with powerful strategies

The Transfer Designer Certification with Ina was an eye-opener in many ways. It starts with the term transfer itself, which I have internalized in a new and powerful way. I have (finally) overcome the problem of training that is often not sustainable and now have the strategy and conviction to continue working effectively with the participants after the seminar ended. The positive reactions from the training confirm this. Ina's sound research and her passion for storytelling during the seminar made it easy to follow along. Learning transfer is the new focus of my trainings. Thank you for two amusing, cheerful and rewarding days.
(Michael Reichart, Blended Learning Consultant, IT Trainer, GFU Cyrus AG, Cologne)

Theoretically sound and immediately practical

Like many companies, we realized that our training did not achieve the desired effect. In a very activating way, I received in the training designer certification a quick overview of the pivotal points of transfer-effective training. I found it particularly helpful that there were numerous opportunities to try out what we had learned or to practice with the others. As part of the exercises and thanks to the numerous "idea junkies," we created a variety of practical tips and suggestions, which I was allowed to take away as a gift. We have already put the suggestions into practice and the successes are already showing.
(Petra Mitterlehner, 5P Consulting)

Transforms your role

To all L&D Professionals out there: Take the Transfer Designer Certification and see for yourself how you can transform your role. It's worth it!
(Comment of a Transfer Designer Certification graduate in the evaluation)

Well thought-out, well-founded and highly applicable

This programme contains a well-thought-out concept that is also scientifically underpinned. Everyone involved in training design will find a wide range of applications to make training more effective. Particularly noteworthy are also the exchange opportunities with other transfer designers that go beyond the training.
(Comment of a Transfer Designer Certification graduate in the evaluation)


Extremely practical. With a strong focus on the possibilities of implementation in one's own environment.
An excellent mix of theory and practice.
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

In short: DO IT!

We often ask ourselves whether what we are doing is actually achieving the goal we are aiming for.
Our aim is to impart knowledge and insight.
Here we get the "tools" for transfer by understanding what can happen when we provide people with learning content and knowledge.
It has given me clarity about how I can work with my trainees in the future to achieve the effectiveness of my training for the concrete practical application of my target group.
For this I say THANK YOU and in short: DO IT!
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

Big vision in easy-to-integrate bites

The Transfer Designer Certification on "making transfer happen" has more than earned its name.
Following a great vision, it is apportioned into reality-oriented bites that can be integrated into my daily work and the effectiveness can be experienced immediately. The material makes you curious, encourages to look around, and every time you reach for it you discover something new. And Ina's way of introducing this complex subject makes you want to stay with it.
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

Making a positive difference with small changes

The programme motivates to support what you are doing now and to enrich it with new things!
It encourages the joy of making BIG things happen with small changes.
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

Anytime again!

I am totally enthusiastic about the simple means with which it is possible for me to make training "better". It helps me clarifying orders and the conception. I would attend it again any time and am glad that we still have access to the great platform!
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

Do it!

This programme is seasoned with Ina's refreshing energy.
What got me excited?
- Being involved in the progress of teaching + learning together.
- To be involved in and create "More Fun" and "More Success" while "Feeling Good".
What can be achieved with the help of this programme?
- From practising in the seminar to applying it in everyday work life
- From "We should..." to "Right, let's do it now...".
What is special about this programme?
- Scientific findings are transformed into practical gains for everyday work.
- Logical and comprehensible structure of the 12 levers
Do it!
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

It works and is fun

The programme translates scientific findings from the challenging field of "transfer effectiveness" for the practice of in-company education and training in a convincing and very applicable way.
It also has a team-supporting and motivating effect on taking the next concrete steps - and it is fun!
Thank you for an enriching programme!
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

Let's bring transfer to our organisations

I will recommend the program to every trainer and always communicate with transfer in mind. I do wonder why I couldn't come up with this myself :-). I will use this training to train future multipliers, because that way this new important message will be carried into organizations, and this is more urgent than ever.
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

A living transfer vision – well-founded and immediately applicable

Learning success, transfer and sustainability - if these are your topics, then I can only recommend this programme! Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel has really inspired me. She not only has a transfer vision, but also lives it. And you get to experience this to the full as a Transfer Designer participant. Scientifically sound and based on the latest research, she manages to convey complex topics in an understandable way, so that the tools and levers can be applied in practice immediately.
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

I will benefit from this for years to come

transfer effectiveness will increasingly occupy us in continuing education over the next few years and will be of great importance. Ina is an incredibly lovable person who not only fills the room with humanity, cheerfulness, and warmth but also with excellent specialist knowledge mixed with her passion for transfer effectiveness and every individual participant. I have been able to build up and expand my specialist knowledge and skills around transfer effectiveness so that I can benefit from what I have learned for many years to come. Take part and let it work - Make Transfer Happen!
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

A new evolutionary stage

These Levers of Transfer Effectiveness are a new evolutionary step for all those who are trainers by conviction. For me, THE topic in terms of implementing change in companies.
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

Widening the circle of those in the know

The program helps me to approach the topic in a very pragmatic way. There are many, but not confusing, aspects that are dealt with in a tangible way. This important topic was brought to the point in a way that everyone can understand, and yet can still be expanded on - through the participation of everyone involved! The larger the circle of those in the know, the more transfer effective professional development becomes! THANK YOU, INA!
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

Training with a lot of heart, intelligence and humor

Transfer effectiveness should be the aim of every training program.  This certification program includes everything it takes to be able to operate the 12 levers competently and to develop ideas for implementation, peppered with heart, intelligence, and humor: learning becomes an experience.
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)

Transfer success instead of leaving it to chance

Having concrete levers at hand makes the subject of transfer tangible. I can determine which transfer success I make possible, rather than leave it to chance.
The special thing about this program is the constant confrontation with practice. As a result, you do not only learn about the matter, but you deal actively with your own situation, your goals and tasks, and also with the difficulties that you might have.
Ina is a very motivated, passionate, bright, and captivating transfer enabler.
(Comment taken from a Transfer Designer Certification graduate’s evaluation)



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