12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness


Become an expert of transfer success

How much of the training content transfers into practice?

What are the levers to increase the transfer rate?

How can I evaluate the effectiveness of a training?

How do I develop transfer concepts that really work?

How do I win the executives to consistently back transfer?


Which tools and interventions increase transfer success??

What experiences do other companies have with the topic of transfer?

How do I implement transfer design in my project?

How can I systematically manage transfer success ?



As a Certified Transfer Designer, you apply the transfer effectiveness levers in practice.


With these scientifically proven, manageable factors, you develop customized transfer concepts.


You become part of the transfer community and benefit from the best tools and the latest practical knowledge.


Becoming an expert for transfer effectiveness

As an HRD professional, L&D consultant, training designer or trainer, you know the obstacles of training transfer from your own experience, and you want to do something about it. You want to take the training in your company and your industry to a new level. You want effectiveness to be your USP and seek access to the exclusive transfer community of people who think and act like you.

Achieve all of this with a Transfer Designer Certification.


After only 3 months our graduates see results, e.g. in the following areas:

Transfer effectiveness of my training programs has increased

Client satisfaction has increased

I perceive my work as more meaningful and valuable


After this program,

you can say...

  • I am aware of the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness® and I know how to control transfer success

  • I am familiar with various tools and interventions to promote transfer effectiveness

  • I have developed specific tools and interventions to increase the effectiveness of my training programs

  • I have a transfer concept ready for a real development program at my company (my real case)


This is what our graduates say

The investment was worthwhile for me personally

The investment has paid off for my company

I recommend this program


Phase 1 - Transfer Practitioner

As a Transfer Practitioner, you are familiar with the 12 Lever Methodology and have a variety of transfer tools that can enhance the effectiveness of your training programs.

Phase 2 - Transfer Insider

As a Transfer Insider, you know exactly what is important about each transfer lever and how to operate and control it. It allows you to (further) develop transfer tools and measures that are tailored to the specifics of companies, training topics, and target groups.

Phase 3 - Transfer Designer

As a Transfer Designer, you will develop systematically connectable and scientifically sound transfer concepts for any training (program) that serves all 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness. You have proven this with your certification project (a real case from your company).

*The program fee includes all 3 phases

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Transfer Designer Certification Program



9 weeks +

3 months of transfer support

Time commitment


2-day workshop OR
4 Live Online Sessions á 2,5 hours

+ 2 hours per week self-study



English or 



What you can achieve with this program

  • Your training (programs) achieve lasting impact because you design and implement customized and research-based transfer concepts.

  • You use the Levers of Transfer Effectiveness to develop transfer tools and interventions that are compatible and tailored to the company and the participants.

  • Through the transfer effectiveness of your training, you can verifiably increase the value and impact of your training programs.




The levers are impressively practical and scream to be implemented, so that the energy invested by participants, concept developers and trainers does not fizzle out, but brings business success, personal meaning and confirmation.



Anyone who has serious intentions of creating impact cannot ignore the 12 levers. I do not know of a toolbox that offers a wider range of ways to improve the effectiveness of training.



Science, benefits, practicability, energy. The 12 levers provide a concept that is scientifically sound and easy to implement in staff development. Ina Weinbauer is passionate about her subject and her transfer energy is highly contagious!


HRD professionals

  • HR managers

  • HR developers

  • L&D consultants

  • Training designers

  • Trainers


who believe that transfer effectiveness is not only a catchword but a lived aspiration


Program fee: € 2.190, -

Bring a colleague: € 1.095, -

plus seminar package and VAT.


Your transfer success is our goal.

Therefore, the fee also includes...

  • the book "What makes training really work"​ by Dr.Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

  • access to the Transfer Insider Videos

  • one to one transfer sparring conversation with Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel or your Transfer Enabler

  • individual support and advice for the development of your training transfer concept and

  • the certification as Transfer Designer incl personal certification interview


Academic program lead

"​They exist, experienced HR professionals who believe that transfer effectiveness is not only a catchword, but a successfully lived aspiration for professional development.

I enjoy bringing these professionals together in this program and working on the issue of transfer with the help of the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness.

Applying well-founded research pragmatically and expand it with the expertise and passion of the participants,  that’s what makes this program so exciting.

The transfer concepts of the graduates are impressive and show: Transfer success is manageable."





recommend this program to their colleagues

The transfer energy is highly contagious

Science, benefits, practicability, energy. The 12 levers provide a concept that is scientifically sound and easy to implement in staff development. Ina Weinbauer is passionate about her subject and her transfer energy is highly contagious!

 (Anja Priewasser, Silhouette International)

Finally, a sound model and many tools for more effectiveness

The training as 'Transfer Designer' fully lived up to my expectations. Finally, I have a holistic science-based model and appropriate methods to control the effectiveness of our training programs. The ideas for your own practice case generated during the seminar make what you have learned directly applicable, and the network with the other participants as well as the digital 'Toolbox' give access to new ideas and an active exchange of experiences.

(Comment of a graduate of the Transfer Designer Certification in the evaluation)

The linchpins of effective training

The 12 Lever Training is the program to get excellent insights on transfer and evaluation. The focus is clearly on what works, theoretically sound and immediately practical. With the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness and the Kirkpatrick model, I now have a proven thought and analysis model to make sure things work that way. It considers all relevant stakeholders - the management, the executives, the participants, the trainers and the HR - and supports them in succeeding.

(Robert Stangl, Public Employment Service Austria)

Theoretically sound and immediately practical

Like many companies, we realised that our training did not achieve the desired effect. In a very activating way, I received in the training designer certification a quick overview of the pivotal points of transfer-effective training. I found it particularly helpful that there were numerous opportunities to try out what we had learned or to practice with the others. As part of the exercises and thanks to the numerous "idea junkies" we created a variety of practical tips and suggestions, which I was allowed to take away as a gift. We have already put the suggestions into practice and the successes are already showing.

(Petra Mitterlehner, 5P Consulting)

Shows where the horsepower of implementation is or gets lost

As a long-time training facilitator, I am very happy to now have a structure and a method that focuses on all relevant parts of the transfer of training. With the levers and the associated ways to evaluate these, it shows where the horsepower of implementation is or gets lost. "Nice" training without looking at before and after is often only half the battle. The levers, my preparation, the questions during the training and Ina’s way to facilitate - all this has given me the focus which definitely brings greater transfer benefit for my trainees.

(Martin Sattlberger, Fokus7)

A real highlight on the flooded training market

As a transfer specialist, I'm always on the lookout for approaches, models, and tools that effectively build the bridge between complexity and clarity. Ina's system of 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness and the Transfer Designer Certification is a real highlight on the flooded training market. This training keeps its promises and shows lasting changes in my projects. Ina is just so enthusiastic about her topic and managed to infect us as a group from the first moment. I fully recommend this and look forward to further exchanges in the network!

(Sonja Peters, transfer agents munich)

A light has come on

The program was exactly what I was looking for. 'A light has come on’ :-).

My goal is to make our internal seminar series more sustainable. In this program, you get so much good input that I'm sure to develop a sustainable and exciting series of seminars that will hopefully leave a lasting impression on our participants.

A big thank you for a great time.

(Nicole Schäfer, Autostadt)

Shared spirit and passion for transfer sparked

The levers are impressively practical and scream to be implemented. A tangible way, so that the energy invested by participants, training design developers and trainers does not fizzle out, but brings business success, personal meaning, and confirmation.

(Julia Furchner, AUDI AG)

Transfer success instead of leaving it to chance

Having concrete levers at hand makes the subject of transfer tangible. I can determine which transfer success I make possible, rather than leave it to chance.

The special thing about this program is the constant confrontation with practice. As a result, you do not only learn about the matter, but you deal actively with your own situation, your goals and tasks and also with the difficulties that you might have.

Ina is a very motivated, passionate, bright and captivating transfer enabler.

(Comment of a graduate of the Transfer Designer Certification in the evaluation)

Training with a lot of heart, intelligence and humour

Transfer effectiveness should be the aim of every training program.  This certification program includes everything it takes to be able to operate the 12 levers competently and to develop ideas for implementation, peppered with heart, intelligence, and humor: learning becomes an experience.
(Comment of a graduate of the Transfer Designer Certification in the evaluation)



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