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Program fee: € 490,- (plus VAT)

Bring your Colleague: €  343,-  (what is that?)

Max. 8 places per event

Your transfer success is our goal.
Therefore, the fee also includes...

  • the book "What Makes Training Really Work"

  • the Transfer Fast Track Kit with over 50 best-practice tool ideas for your next training

  • the 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness Set of cards and

  • participation in the Transfer Fast Track Online Session with Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel



12 levers of transfer effectiveness


The fastest and easiest way to the world of transfer success



How do i make training more transfer effective quickly?

What does transfer success depend on?

What levers are there to increase transfer success?

How do I get my internal & external clients excited about transfer?

What transfer tools can I use to make my next program even more effective?

 How do I become a transfer pioneer with specific solutions and actionable transfer ideas?


At the ende of the  3-hour live online session you´ll say...

  • I know what the transfer success depends on and how I can manage it.

  • I have over 50 best practice tool ideas that I can use to increase the effectiveness of training.

  • I have a method to easily win over my internal and external clients for transfer measures.

  • I can immediately start making my training even more effective.


Rolf Portman

Roche Diagnostics International Ltd

"Very good,l ots of input, and more importantly, lots of inspiration for this hugely important topic. The whole process from A to Z was very professional as well as personal"

Gitta Stockmann

AOK Baden-Württemberg

"Sustainable investment in the meaningfulness of L&D and a great way to quickly and effectively justify long-term cost management of input and outcome to the client."

Julia Rimmele

Boehringer Ingelheim Pharma

"The sleeves are rolled up and I  am really keen to start using the transfer tools. Effective because Ina provided us with "hands on"  material, and I can start with small steps. Pure admiration from my side at this point!"


Your Transfer Fast Track Host

The Transfer Fast Track for HR professionals who want to make their programmes even more effective -  in a research-based, quick and pragmatic way.

Quick wins and getting started fast - that is our focus of the Transfer Fast Track.

"Is it really possible to become transfer-ready in just 3 hours of live online session? We tried it and WOW - the feedback from the participants was fantastic and showed: it works. Transfer success is science-based but not rocket science - with the 12 levers of transfer effectiveness it is even easy.


Curious? Then let's allow ourselves these 3 hours together..."

Termine Fast Track




Transfer Fast Track



24 May 2024

09.00 - 12.00 am (Vienna Time)


Ina Weinbauer-Foto.jpg

with Eva-Maria Kraus

- by Institute for Transfer Effectiveness


Fast Track (Inhouse)



Transfer Fast Track (Inhouse)

especially for your team


Ina Weinbauer-Foto.jpg

with Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel

or another Transfer Enabler


Transfer Fast Track



10 October 2024

09.00 - 12.00 Uhr (Vienna Time)


Ina Weinbauer-Foto.jpg

with Britt & Ilona

- by Route12


Transfer Fast Track



26 November 24 - Automotive Special

09.00 - 12.00 Uhr (Vienna Time)


Ina Weinbauer-Foto.jpg

with Chris Orlamünder

- by Institute of Transfer Effectiveness


recommend this program to their colleagues

Effective and magical

Very rarely do seminars, training, and workshops happen where you walk out, and you don't realize what a great thing has happened to you.
They "do something mysterious to you", and they do it in a lasting and magical way. This was such a training. Thank you for that!
(Wolfgang Auer, Raiffeisen Software GmbH)

Compact, practical, authentic

If you want to get to know the vastness of the transfer world, the Transfer Fast Track is the best introduction: crisp, practical, authentic. And you get to know a "pack of cards" with which you can convince any transfer doubter in a flash.

I was totally carried away

I was totally carried away by the Fast Track. Not only because Ina presents the content in such an exciting, entertaining, and lively way, but also because I was able to experience it immediately with the Transfer Toolbox. My personal "magic moments" were the card game and the experts sprint for Mister Miller. Methodically simple and ingenious at the same time. I already look forward to trying out these methods in my training programmes and am confident that they will work well. I will recommend the Transfer Fast Track to my L&D colleagues who, like me, will accept and share your valuable tips on the topic of transfer.
(Christina Schuhmacher, Allianz Germany)

Now I know how to make a difference

Fresh and inspiring! As a manager I got a good feeling how my team can make a difference. In addition, I got tools for direct application that are fully compatible with my experience.
(Thorsten Ryu, Migrolino)

Refreshing, inspiring, and efficient!

In this fast track session, you get a great overview of many years of transfer research in just 3 hours, with measures that can be put into practice immediately. And above all, it was fun: the relaxed atmosphere invites active participation, the good mood and the desire to implement something remain even after the seminar! So thank you very much for this!
(Cécile Theunissen)

Fully convinced!

Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel has convinced me completely in her field of transfer effectiveness. As a manager, I took part in the Transfer Fast Track and was able to experience many of the levers of transfer effectiveness live. The program itself was structured according to these levers, which meant that I and the other participants were able to apply the knowledge much more effectively than in other training programs. Through Inas easy-going and engaging style, she was able to draw me into the spell of transfer effectiveness and to try out things successfully immediately after the training. I can recommend Dr. Weinbauer-Heidel to anyone who wants to exploit the value of training for themselves or their staff and systematically work on transfer effectiveness.
Regarding Fast Track: Ideal program for people who want to approach the subject. Well done!
(Christoph Elmer, Head of Plant PALFINGER Production System/ Lean Management)

You live your own standards of effectiveness

Now, after the Fast Track, I am enthusiastic, ready and motivated to implement. My personal highlight: The sequence with Mr Miller and the brilliant opportunity to include every participant, and finally to make your claim tangible in such a short time so that everyone can learn and practise something concrete for everyday practice - brilliant and hats off.
(Gitta Stockmann, AOK Baden-Württemberg)

Professional and personal from A to Z

Very good, lots of input, and more importantly, lots of inspiration for this hugely important topic. The whole process from A to Z was very professional as well as personal (the latter being almost more important).
(Rolf Portmann, Roche)

The Transfer Fast Track really makes a difference

Thank you very much for the great seminar. I am thrilled that I can really make a difference and change something.
(Tobias Spring, Roche)

I am enthusiastic

Safe space, innovative ideas, theory and practice and a founder who totally carries you along.
It's so nice to see how Ina introduces her transfer baby and how passionate she is about it. I, for one, am thrilled.
(Hisham Nazmy, University of Applied Sciences Hof)


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