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The secret resource of the Transfer Community

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In the Transfer Toolbox, the Transfer Community shares their best transfer tools​
  • Transfer tools and interventions for all 12 levers of transfer effectiveness

  • Practically proven and tested by L&D practitioners

  • With implementation examples, templates, tips and tricks and experience reports from L&D practitioners

Make your training even more transfer effective.

This is possible with the Transfer Toolbox...
  • Quick success thanks to the  tried and tested tools
  • Transfer tools tested by Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel for direct implementation in your training
  • Immediately use tried and tested transfer tools that match the 12 levers of transfer effectiveness
  • Benefit from the practical experience of other Transfer Designers and L&D practitioners
  • Receive new transfer tools free of charge on a regular basis ​
  • Get answers to your burning transfer questions from our transfer experts.
"High compliment - The Transfer Toolbox is awesome -
I've been getting inspiration there every day this week ;)


Nadine Tück - Grohe Master Academy


  1. The analog Transfer Toolbox

  2. Access to the Online Transfer Toolbox

  3. The 12 Levers Insider Videos

  4. The Transfer Learner Journey Poster

That's inside...

Psst! The Transfer Toolbox  is part of
the Transfer Designer certification

The Transfer Toolbox includes the



  • The Book "What Makes Training Really Work"

  • The coveted  booklet "12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness Audit Questions"

  • The 12 lever card set  transfer-effective order clarification

  • The 12 Levers One-Pagers with Best-Practice Transfer Tools for each lever of Transfer Effectiveness

  • The 12 levers of Transfer Effectiveness in a practical postcard format

  • The Transfer Journey Poster with stickers, roadblocks, matching post-it notes and glue stick for designing your Transfer Journeys (with your customer, your team or for yourself)


The Transfer Toolbox includes the


The secret resource where the Transfer Community continiously shares their best Transfer Tools

  • Transfer Tools for all 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness

  • Handpicked by Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel  

  • Practically proven and tested by L&D practitioners in real-life

  • With templates, implementation examples and experience reports from users

  • with currently more than 40 tools

  • and new tools and field reports are beeing added continously 

  • In German & English

The Transfer Toolbox includes the


In the Transfer Living Room with Dr. Ina Weinbauer-Heidel


38 videos on all 12 levers of Transfer Effectiveness

  • The levers in a nutshell

  • The most important insights from research

  • How you can promote the levers

  • Tips & tools at one glance


With a direct connection to Ina for your individual questions

The Transfer Toolbox includes that


Making transfer effectiveness tangible

The Transfer Tool Box contains a poster with which you can systematically plan transfer effective learner journeys - alone, with your team and/or your clients

  1. Visualise transfer strengths and potentials

  2. Systematically plan the right Transfer Tools in your Learner Journey

The poster is the optimal visualisation and makes planning and managing transfer successes (tangible). The poster is reusable. The matching Post-Its, stickers and the practical removable glue stick are of course included in the Transfer Toolbox.


How much is it?

Your Transfer Toolbox comes direct to you

  • including the analog Transfer Toolbox

  • including the Online Transfer Toolbox

  • including the Transfer Insider Videos  

  • including the Transfer Journey Poster

Single License 

EUR 950,- (plus Tax)

Lifetime access for one user

Corporate License (medium)

EUR 1,950 (plus Tax) 
Lifetime access for unlimited number of users for companies with less than 1,000 employees


Corporate License (big)

EUR 2,950 (plus Tax)
Lifetime access for an unlimited number of users for companies with more than 1,000 employees

Corporate License in your LMS (SCORM)

EUR 3,990 (plus Tax)

Lifetime access for an unlimited number of users for your company integrated in your LMS system

Each License includes one anlalog Toolbox

The Transfer Toolbox is hosted by our Partner Bildungsinnovator

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