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The gist of transfer research


The 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness represent the gist of scientific research for HR practitioners.  

They show human resource managers, L&D managers and trainers what determines transfer success and how it can be managed.


3 areas are crucial for transfer success.

For more than 100 years, transfer research has been examining which factors affect transfer success. In their empirical studies, they have repeatedly changed specific factors and then measured the change in the success in transfer.

3 areas are crucial for transfer effectiveness: Trainees, training design and organization. And those 3 areas must be managed.

Transfer success is manageable.

Within those three areas, different factors can be found on which the successful transfer of what has been learned into professional everyday life depends. Some of those factors cannot be influenced directly, whereas others can be controlled through targeted interventions and tools.

12 levers for more impact.


The 12 Levers of Transfer Effectiveness are the quintessence of transfer research for HR practice. Scientifically speaking, they are the significant determinants of transfer success. In practical terms, with those levers you can control the effectiveness of your training. 


The 12 levers show you what is important and therefore build a basis for systematic and compatible transfer management – a solid scientific basis and proved in practice.

"A clear and compelling concept, which makes the transfer of training a solvable issue for every HRD-professional"

Mag. Andreas Geiblinger - Head of Network Human Resources, Clusterland

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